Moose rescued from swimming pool after astonished family calls for help

A family in Bedford, New Hampshire, was startled Tuesday night when they heard someone splashing around in their backyard swimming pool, but to their surprise, they didn’t find a human intruder taking a quick dip to cool off in the unseasonably warm temperatures.

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A young moose had unwittingly found its way into the pool and became trapped, unable to get out on its own.

That's when New Hampshire Fish & Game wildlife biologists and local conservation officers stepped in.

"The moose was unable to get himself out after several hours as the pool had no stairs," NHF&G officials said in a post on social media.

An accompanying video shows a team working with a rope to move the moose toward a set of stairs they had placed in the pool.

"By putting a set of wooden steps in the pool and coaxing the moose towards them, he was able to find his way out and back in to the woods," the post said.

"There he goes," an officer said as the stunned moose climbed the stairs and dashed out of the yard and into the woods.

It’s breeding season for moose, and officials warned they are on the move looking for mates. They also cautioned people to stay away if they encounter one.

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