Mom accused of chasing teens with bat, attacking one at son's bus stop after Instagram spat

An Atlanta mother is accused of chasing two teens with a bat at her son's bus stop and attacking one of them, police say.

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She's now in jail, and police are looking for her son.

Police told WSB-TV's Tyisha Fernandes that Tiara Jones got involved in a fight between her son and two other Grady High School teens after the boys exchanged threatening messages on Instagram on Monday morning.

Police said someone sent a "spoof" message, pitting certain students at Grady High School against each other. Jones' son, Dashun McDonald, confronted the other two about the message at their bus stop, police said.

Fernandes spoke to parent Alycia Aldridge, who said her son didn't even know McDonald.

"My son told him, 'First of all, I don't know you,' and he kind of backed down," Aldridge said.

When the boys got to school, officials had heard about what happened and called them into the office.

"It was supposed to be squashed," Aldridge said. 'They apparently bumped hands or shook hands, whatever it was, and went their separate ways."

Later that afternoon, when the friends were walking home, they said McDonald approached them again, this time with his mom.

Aldridge said Jones accused the boys of trying to fight her son. Jones then went to her car, popped the trunk and pulled out a bat, Aldridge said.

"She's twirling the bat, telling them she's going to bust him in his head," Aldridge said. "You don't get to chase people's children and approach them with bats."

The boys got away and called 911, authorities said. Police took a report, but didn't arrest Jones right away.

The next morning, police said Jones showed up at the bus stop again and encouraged her son to fight.

A student recorded the fight on a cellphone.

The video shows Jones trying to jump into the fight, and when a student wouldn't let her, she grabbed him by the hair and pushed him to the ground, WSB-TV reported.

Students broke up the fight and got on the bus to go to school, but police said Jones followed the bus and told her son to fight the boy again.

Another video shows a school police officer thrown to the ground while trying to break up the fight, WSB-TV reported.

Parent Shearee Pittman said the entire incident never should have happened.

"Had Atlanta police went to her Monday when I asked them to, just to arrest her for the stalking, none of this would have taken place Tuesday," Pittman said. "She wouldn't have been able to jump on that young man, those children wouldn't have been subjected to what they had to see, and she probably wouldn't be in jail."

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