Man trapped inside 24 Hour Fitness when gym closes for night

Apparently 24 Hour Fitness doesn’t mean the gym’s actually open every hour of every day.

A Utah man found that out the hard way.

Dan Hill was doing laps in the pool at his local 24 Hour Fitness location when employees called it a day and closed down for the night, stranding him inside the gym, KUTV reported.

As anyone in this situation could do, Hill called police, his wife and then went to social media to share his plight.

He thought about just opening the door, but didn't want the alarm to go off and have police think he broke into the gym, KTVX reported.

After about an hour, police were able to let Hill go home.

The location’s manager said there is a sign on the door of the 24 Hour Fitness that lists the hours as Monday through Sunday from 4 a.m. to midnight.

The company said operating hours at some locations had changed starting last month, but said that employees at the location Hill visited will be instructed on closing procedures so it doesn't happen again, KTVX reported.

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