Man rides bike from Seattle to Florida then Boston thanking police officers

A man biked from Seattle to Boston in a cross-country trip to say "thank you" to every officer, firefighter and military person he came across along the way.

Bill Morin began his journey in Seattle, Washington, on June 6. He biked down to Florida before going up the east coast and ultimately finishing at the Old North Church in Boston on Wednesday.

During the 4,000-mile journey, Morin covered 23 states, thanking as many people as he could and documenting the journey in a blog.

"They do a job that is one of the toughest jobs that we ask anyone to do, and they do it with pride. They do it with dignity," Morin told WFXT. "This is a wonderful country we live in. The men and women that I have met have been overwhelmingly magnificent."

Morin said that before buying a bicycle to start training last fall, he hadn't owned a bike in 27 years.

"I had every excuse not to. I'm overweight. I'm too old. I've got a job. I don't have a bike. You think of it, I thought of it," Morin said.

Despite his reservations, he embarked on the journey.

Morin's first stop Wednesday meeting with the Plymouth police chief before heading to police departments in Weymouth and Quincy, Massachusetts. Morin arrived in Boston later Wednesday.

This is Bill with Captain Orr from the Virginia Beach, VA 3rd Precinct.

Posted by Twice Across America, the Thank-You Tour on Sunday, August 28, 2016