Live like royalty: Downton Abbey castle listed on Airbnb

The earl and countess of Carnarvon have opened their doors to the castle used as Downton Abbey.

In reality, the castle is named Highclere Castle. It is located in Hampshire in the United Kingdom and is the residence of Lord and Lady Carnarvon.

No matter what name it goes by, it is the castle made famous by the show, and now a movie, "Downton Abbey" and as part of the promotion for the film, the real-life location has been listed on Airbnb.

For about $150, two people can stay in one of the castle's 300 rooms on Nov. 26. The listing promises they will be treated like royalty, The Guardian reported.

The earl and countess will host the guests for evening cocktails then a dinner held in the state dining room, served by the butler of the castle.

Coffee will follow in the estate's library before the guests go to their bedrooms that overlook the park.

"Throughout the stay, Lord and Lady Carnarvon will immerse the guests in the rich history and heritage of Highclere Castle with a private tour of the castle, the Highclere estate," the Airbnb listing promises.

While the locations will have most of the amenities you'd expect in a castle, the guests will be missing two -- a television and WiFI.

Before departing, the guests will receive a gift from their hosts that promises to be "a little bit of Highclere Castle at home."

Applications will be accepted starting on Oct. 1 and those striving to be chosen have to show they are "passionate about Downton Abbey" in a message that should accompany the application. The most creative will win, The Guardian reported.

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