Lawsuit: Oregon man found used bandage in Albertsons fruit salad

An Oregon man said he found a bloody bandage in a fruit salad from an Albertsons grocery store, and now he’s suing for $10,000.

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Aaron Stroud alleged in the lawsuit that he was eating the fruit salad, which he bought from an Albertsons in McMinnville, Oregon, in May 2017, when he bit into something "odd and foreign," The Oregonian reported. Stroud spit out the object and found that it was a bloody bandage, according to the lawsuit filed last week.

Stroud said that as a result of finding the bandage in his food, he’s suffered an array of health problems, including abdominal pain and “elevated anxiety lasting for months.” He underwent medical testing for bloodborne pathogens, like HIV and hepatitis, the lawsuit said.

Stroud said Albertsons failed to properly prepare and inspect the fruit salad and failed to monitor food-preparation employees by ensuring they wear gloves. He’s asking for $10,000 in damages.

An Albertsons spokeswoman didn’t immediately reply to requests for comment from The Oregonian.

The lawsuit can be read here.

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