Last-minute Christmas gifts 2019: Subscriptions for the hard to shop for

You may be getting nervous if you’ve noticed your Christmas shopping list is growing instead of shrinking, what with the big event only hours away now.

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Instead of buying something online and paying a fortune in hopes it gets delivered by Christmas, why not try a monthly subscription? There is a subscription for almost anything a family member or friend may like.

There are subscriptions for most anything a family member or friend may want, and getting one is quick and easy. A few clicks, and you can wipe out that stubborn holiday list.

Here are some suggestions for monthly gift box subscriptions:


These boxes offer cosmetics, lotions, face masks and other beauty products – some full-sized some sample size. The cost for these boxes average around $25 a month.


These monthly – or in some cases weekly -- boxes range from ingredients for full meals to fully prepared meals to assortments of snack items. The cost ranges from $5 per serving to around $65 for a box of burgers.


If a friend or family member likes to try different wines, craft beers or unique liquor items, then a subscription to a “spirit-of-the-month” club could be the perfect gift. Wine and beer subscriptions are on the lower end of the monthly fee scale while other liquor items can be a bit pricy.


Monthly fitness subscriptions are heavy on workout clothing, but also included in the genre are healthy snacks and some equipment. Prices range from $32 to $50.

Plants and flowers

Some lovely blooms arriving at your door each month? That’s a thoughtful and lovely gift. Prices range from around $35 a month to $60 a month.


These gifts let you extend Christmas for the kids for the entire year. All for around $20 a month.

Pet lovers

Fido and Fluffy will enjoy toys and treats these subscriptions. You’ll pay a variety of prices, depending on what you choose each month.


How can you go wrong with a good book? These subscriptions offer books and gifts ranging in price from $14.99 to around $45 per month.

Video subscriptions

Shows from the past and new creations are available on a whole slew of streaming video services. From about $6 to around $20, a new world of entertainment can be opened up to you.

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