Khalil Mack’s Walmart donation misused, store officials admit

Chicago Bears linebacker Khalil Mack tried to make the Christmas dreams come true for those who had layoffs at a Florida Walmart, but now company officials said that not all Mack’s donation was used the way it should have been.

Mack's foundation donated $80,000 to pay off all the layaways at the Fort Pierce store, TC Palm reported. Fort Pierce is Mack's hometown and the more than 300 beneficiaries found out on Facebook that he was the reason their accounts were paid off, WFLD reported.

But the total only came to $60,000. An employee alerted company officials that store management gave the extra $20,000 to some employees to either split among themselves or pay off their own gifts on layaway, WFLD reported last month.

Walmart officials started an internal investigation and confirmed that the leftover $20,000 was not used correctly, TC Palm reported. But company officials didn't say how many employees were investigated and if they were, or will be, disciplined.

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