Kansas town offers free college tuition for residents

How does free college tuition for your kids sound?

It’s happening in one community, but there’s a catch -- you have to move to a small town in Kansas to be able to cash in on the deal.

A businessman from Neodesha, Kansas, made the pledge to pay for the education of anyone who lives in the town and who graduates from the local high school, The Kansas City Star reported.

It's called the Neodesha Promise Program.

The program could be a win/win for the town. Not only will current students benefit from higher education, but the townspeople also said they hope new people move to Neodesha, helping local businesses bring in customers and even have new establishments open, according to the newspaper.

It will also help the tax base, NPR reported.

Over the last 40 years, Neodesha has lost more than 1,000 residents, the Star reported.

The Neodesha Promise Program will offer those who qualify four years of college tuition and fees and organizers hope it can last for 25 years.

The program was announced in November during a school assembly, NPR reported.

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