Kansas 4th-grader hailed as hero after using Heimlich maneuver to save student from choking

A Kansas fourth-grader is being hailed as a hero after he used the Heimlich maneuver to save the life of a fellow student at his Scott City school, officials said.

According to KSNW-TV, Keller Turner, 10, was in the Scott City Elementary School cafeteria about 1:30 p.m. local time Friday when one of his friends began to choke on a chicken nugget. Although a lunch attendant tried to help by patting the child's back, the student continued to choke, the station reported.

That's when Keller sprang into action. He put his arms around his friend's abdomen and clutched until the food became dislodged, KSNW reported.

Keller told the TV station that his grandmother, a nurse, told him about the valuable first-aid skill.

"I just remember her saying something about it," he told KSNW.

The school lauded Keller in a Facebook post Friday.

"Thank you to Keller for being fast acting and giving the Heimlich to another student that was choking in the lunchroom," the school captioned a photo of the boy. "We are so proud of him!

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