Iowa officials asked to remove 'inclusive' crosswalks

Officials in an Iowa city said the U.S. Department of Transportation has asked the city manager to remove multi-colored sidewalks, according to KCCI.

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Ames officials said they received a letter from the USDOT's Federal Highway Administration, explaining the crosswalk at Fifth Street and Douglas Avenue did not meet codes and requested its removal "as soon as it is feasible," the television station reported.

The crosswalks, installed earlier this month, feature a minority-inclusive rainbow on Douglas Avenue, KCCI reported. The crosswalks on Fifth Street feature gender non-binary colors on the east crosswalk and pride transgender colors on the west crosswalk, the television station reported.

Ames officials said the FHWA's Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices prohibits the use of anything but white paint in crosswalks, adding that colored crosswalks and multi-colored crosswalks were not allowed.

Ames officials are contesting the request.

“I note that the FHWA’s letter included a “request” -- not a demand -- for the City to remove the colored crosswalk markings," Ames City Attorney Mark O. Lambert told KCCI. "This is not a lawful order or demand by a federal agency, it is merely a request.”

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