Impeachment Trial Day 9: What time does it start, how to watch, what to expect

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Impeachment Trial: Three Things To Watch For 1-30-20

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President Donald Trump’s legal team and the House impeachment managers will continue to take questions from senators Thursday as the president’s Senate impeachment trial continues.

For Democrats, the first day of the 16-hour question and answer sessions centered on the idea of calling additional witnesses in the president’s trial. For Republicans, it was trying to prove the case against the president was weak, unproven and should never have happened.

The trial reconvenes at 1 p.m. ET Thursday. Here is how you can watch the proceedings on television and online:

What time does it start: The Senate will reconvene at 1 p.m. and the trial will continue then.

How can you watch: The trial will be live on cable news networks like CNN, Fox and MSNBC as well as CSPAN-2. It will also be broadcast live on ABC, CBS, NBC and PBS.

You can catch coverage on the channels online sites by going to the homepage for each network and finding a link to live coverage.

The networks also have YouTube channels where the livestream of their coverage of the trial can be accessed. Most local television and newspaper sites will also have livestreams on their websites. Go to the TV or newspaper homesite and look for a link.

What to expect: On Thursday, the senators will have eight more hours to pose questions to the House managers and Trump's attorneys.

The trial could end Friday when a vote to call additional witnesses likely comes. If that vote fails, look for a motion to vote on the charges. If it passes, the trial could run for several more weeks.

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