Georgia city holds top spot in GoFundMe generosity rankings

Residents of cities in Georgia, Massachusetts and California are among the most generous in the country, helping to raise more than $9 billion on GoFundMe, according to rankings by the crowd source fundraising website. Marietta, Georgia, is the most generous.The city's most viral moment of giving this year was almost certainly when the Cobb County community rallied together to send a retiring mailman to Hawaii.

The GoFundMe campaign to send "Mr. Floyd" on his dream trip pulled in more than $32,000.

According to the company, "Marietta, GA, earned its place at the top of GoFundMe's list because people came together and took action to make a difference in their community."

Here’s a look at the top 10 most generous cities based on donations per capita on GoFundMe:

1. Marietta, Georgia

2. Rockville, Maryland

3. Santa Monica, California

4. Parker, Colorado

5. Somerville, Massachusetts

6. Bowie, Maryland

7. Beaverton, Oregon

8. Whittier, California

9. Cambridge, Massachusetts

10. Oakland, California

According to the company, there were more than 120 million donations, totalling $9 billion worldwide this year.

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