Garth Brooks fans mistake Barry Sanders jersey for political endorsement for Bernie Sanders

Credit: Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Credit: Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Garth Brooks fans on social media ripped into the country superstar when they mistook the No. 20 Barry Sanders Detroit Lions jersey he wore during a recent performance in the Motor City as a political endorsement for Bernie Sanders.

Brooks performed Saturday to more than 70,000 people at Ford Field, setting a concert attendance record for the venue, the Detroit Free Press reported.

Chants of “Barry, Barry” were heard throughout the stadium when concertgoers saw what Brooks was wearing. He even took a moment to explain his choice of clothes.

"You guys got the greatest player in NFL history, in my opinion," Brooks said, the Free Press reported.

But on social media, the backlash began after Brooks posted a photo Sunday wearing the jersey walking out of a stadium hallway, the Free Press reported Friday.

Fans mistook the jersey as support for Bernie Sanders, a Democratic candidate for president in the 2020 election.

"Sanders?? Don't care about your politics,” a commenter wrote. “Love your music. Let's keep politics and your entertainment separate."

Barry Sanders got involved in the fervor, jokingly asking Brooks to be his running mate.

The Detroit Lions later posted their support for Sanders, the running back.

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