Florida man comes home for lunch, finds iguana in toilet

A Florida man came home for lunch Thursday and found an iguana positioned in the toilet bowl.

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The homeowner first called the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, which said it doesn't respond to that type of incident, so the man called 911, the Miami Herald reported.

"He came home for lunch, freaked out and didn't know what to do," Ft. Lauderdale Fire Rescue Battalion Chief Stephan Gollan told the Herald.

Firefighter Jeff Kurus donned sterile gloves, removed the reptile and released it into the wild, the Herald reported.

Lizards have popped up in South Florida toilets in recent months.

A man removed a lizard from his toilet in July 2017. A month ago Miami-Dade Fire Rescue removed an iguana from a toilet, the Herald reported.

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