Florida chiropractor accused of sexually battering woman suffering from dementia

A Florida chiropractor is accused of sexually battering an elderly woman suffering from dementia at the nursing home where she lives.

Deputies said a nursing assistant found Kent Klonel, 58, who practices in Seminole County, naked from the waist down in the woman’s room Nov. 14.

The nursing assistant told deputies that when she attempted to check on the woman, the door of the woman's room had been barricaded shut with a chair, WFTV reported.

According to an arrest warrant, the woman involved has dementia, is nonverbal, nonmobile and “is unable to perform any daily functions on her own.” Investigators said Klonel knew the woman.

Investigators said Klonel made inconsistent statements following the incident, including that he had barricaded the door because he was using the restroom and did not want anyone to walk in on him.

According to the warrant, detectives said they believe Klonel was in the process of sexually battering the woman when he was interrupted by the staff of the assisted living facility, WFTV reported.

The warrant for Klonel’s arrest was issued Monday on charges of attempted sex assault or battery, and battery by touch or strike.

Klonel made his first court appearance Tuesday. He was given a $35,000 bond and was instructed not to return to the nursing home and to wear a GPS monitor.

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