Firefighters rescue dog spooked by fireworks from crawl space under home

When an Orlando pup got spooked by New Year’s Eve fireworks, he found a hiding space so unexpected that it took his owners more than a day to find him and firefighters some careful work to rescue him.

Ruddy's owners said they couldn't find the pup when he hid after getting spooked by fireworks on New Year's Eve.

On Thursday, firefighters said the owners heard whimpering coming from the crawl space under their home on Shady Lane and called first responders for help.

Firefighters said they had to remove a section of bricks and use treats and a leash to safely rescue Ruddy from under the home. They said access underneath the home wasn't safe due to wires, pipes, limited space and complete darkness.

Firefighters posted photos of the dog's rescue on social media, including a group shot with the pup after his rescue. They said Ruddy wasn't injured and is doing fine.