Family’s llama missing for more than a month

A Canadian family is asking for help in the search for its llama, which has been missing for a month.

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Coco escaped in June from the Udchitz family's 25-acre farm but does not appear to have gotten too far, Kamloops Matters reported.

"She's been hiding here or sighted there," Jessica Udchitz told Kamploops Matters. "We have a spot we meet (our neighbor), and he drives and I sit in the back of the truck."

The family got Coco in April to help guard their goats. For some reason, she escaped in June and has been spotted frequently along trails near a ski facility and an unused airstrip, Kamloops Matters reported.

Coco even came back to the house, but she fled when she saw the family approaching with a rope to snare her.

"Coco looks healthy and happy," Udchitz told Kamloops Matters. "She doesn't have (anything) stuck in her fur. She doesn't look like she's lost weight. She's certainly not going hungry."

The family plans to try to use a sedative to capture Coco. The other plan is to enlist enough neighbors to try and surround to corral the intrepid animal.

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