Drug raid leads police to baby’s body in trunk

Credit: DaytonDailyNews

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Drug Raid Police To Baby’s Body In Trunk

Credit: DaytonDailyNews

Police in Texas made a disturbing discovery during a drug raid in San Antonio. They found the remains of a baby at the home, KSAT reported.

My San Antonio reported that the baby's remains were found in a trunk inside of a closet.

“We came in expecting one thing and it turned out to be something totally different,” Brexar County Sheriff Javier Salzar told the television station.

Now police are trying to find out what happened to the baby, whose remains were clothed and wrapped in a blanket, KSAT reported.

The Sheriff's Department said the baby was too decomposed to find out how it died or even determine the baby's gender, My San Antonio reported.

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At least a dozen people were at the home at the time of the raid and were questioned, but no charges were filed, KSAT reported.

Neighbors said the residence has been a problem for some time, KSAT reported. Alejandro Antu, who grew up in the neighborhood, said questionable behavior started two to three years ago when people would start visiting the house at odd times of night and would come in and go out with backpacks, KSAT reported.

Another woman who has lived in the neighborhood for 55 years said she locks her gates because of the people at the home.

Janet Geaslin told KSAT that two women who went to the house frequently were pregnant ;one of the women's pregnancies ended two years ago, while the other woman's ended six months ago. Geaslin said she never saw children. 
Geaslin said she asked the women about the babies and they told her, "Oh, he's gone." Geaslin said she assumed that the women had the babies and left them at the hospital because that is what the women told other people, KSAT reported.

The Sheriff's Department said that there were photos hung on the walls of the home, and that the photos have been collected as evidence, My San Antonio reported.

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