Dog injured after thumbtacks hidden in flower beds in New York neighborhood

Authorities are investigating after a dog was injured by thumbtacks mixed into mulch ringing planters in front of a Queens apartment building.

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A man intentionally, surreptitiously placed the pins in with shredded rubber mulch in an attempt to deter dogs from sniffing and relieving near the trees, Spectrum News reported.

A dog park has recently opened across the street from the building, WABC reported.

At least one dog injured its paw but has since recovered, its owner told Spectrum News.

This is not the first time dog owners have found hazards purposefully placed in the flower beds, WABC reported.

About a month ago a dog owner found shards of glass after noticing her dog had a blood-covered nose.

Residents have filed complaints with the building department, WABC reported. The New York Police Department animal cruelty division and the American Society for the Prevention for the Cruelty to Animals are investigating, Spectrum News reported.

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