Oh deer: Washington commuters get surprise in subway tunnel

They’re probably used to seeing a few rats or maybe a service animal or two during their trips on the Metro, but a couple of morning commuters had quite a surprise on the Washington, D.C., subway Tuesday morning.

A deer found itself in the tunnels of the Crystal City Metro Station around 8:30 a.m.

The platform wasn't crowded as the deer ran across the tracks, hoping from platform to platform; maybe because of the Washington Capitals' Stanley Cup championship parade was scheduled for later in the morning, SB Nation reported.

One man proved why you need to not look at your phone all the time, after he was taken slightly aback by the runaway deer.

A woman also waiting for the train was surprised as well by the large animal, which narrowly missed the train as it came into the station.

Luckily, the deer was fast as it missed all oncoming trains through the station.

The Crystal City Metro Station is in a non-rural part of suburban D.C., but metro officials think it came from a wooded area between National Airport and Crystal City stations, The Washington Post reported.

Deer are usually seen at the outdoor stations in the suburbs, but not that often in a tunnel or an underground station, a Metro spokesperson told the newspaper.

Trains were slowed down while the deer was running around.

It ended up leaving the station using the them, heading toward Reagan Airport, SB Nation reported.

Maybe the deer had to catch a flight to get away from the Caps fans and the celebration parade. We bet it was rooting for the Las Vegas Knights or even maybe the Caps’ rivals, the Pittsburgh Penguins.

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