Costco adds healthier food court items; keeps popular $1.50 hot dog combo on menu

Credit: Justin Sullivan

Credit: Justin Sullivan

Costco announced changes to its food court menu earlier this week as part of a push to include healthier items in stores, including new vegan and vegetarian fare.

While the food court is traditionally known for cheap foods, including ice cream, pizza and burgers, Costco is trying to widen its customer base by expanding the menu. Some of the new items include an acai fruit bowl, organic burger and vegan protein salad.

The popular polish dog has also been removed from the menu at some of its locations.

Customers can still get the original hot dog and soda deal for $1.50, a price that hasn’t changed since it was first offered in 1985. The hot dog combo has been increasingly popular over the years, with 137 million being sold in the last year. Costco assured shoppers that this price won't be changing anytime soon.

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