Come to Atlanta, Baby Yoda has

The Force is strong in Atlanta's 4th Ward.

Two artists have brought Baby Yoda, the adorable character from Disney+'s new “Star Wars" franchise, “The Mandalorian,” to life in a new mural.

The mural depicting "the child" showed up on New Year's Day on the Freedom Parkway underpass.

WSB-TV spoke to one of two street artists who teamed up to paint the mural on the back side of a wall along the busy walking trail.

Chris Veal said it took him and fellow street artist Nels G. about six hours to create the mural.

"With all the hype behind the show and the character, I figured people would get a kick out of it," Veal said.

"Star Wars" fans clearly approve. WSB-TV talked to Reggie Morris, who said Baby Yoda is perhaps the most famous youngling in the universe.

"This is something that is speaking to millions of people," Morris said. "Everybody is drawn to it. Everybody I've talked to is drawn to this creature."

Terry Vollrath says at first, he couldn't understand what all the fuss was about. Changed his mind, he has.

"It's kind of like when you hear a song," Vollrath said. "You don't like it. But you keep hearing it. And you enjoy it after, like, the 12th time."

Now, fans of the mural are worried it could soon disappear.

Veal warns that, like with other street art pieces, you should take a picture before it's painted over.

"I did a David Bowie portrait when he passed away," Veal said. "It lasted about five hours."

Morris said he hopes the Baby Yoda portrait will last longer.

Veal says he lives just around the corner and promised to fix the mural if anything happens to it.

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