College student who lives near tech company lands gig using sticky notes

A Georgia Tech student has landed a summer internship in a most unusual way. He used a lot of sticky notes.

Not far from the Georgia Tech campus is the headquarters of tech company NCR.

It's not surprising that it's a sought-after place for computer majors seeking internships. For one student, the process started as he looked out his apartment window.

From his bedroom in a high rise apartment building in midtown, Gursimran Singh used sticky notes to spell out "HIRE ME." His window happened to face the Fortune 500 headquarters of NCR.

"When I woke up," Singh saw that the company was asking for the email of the person who'd made the sticky note request.

"That's pretty amazing." Singh said.

Singh's roommates helped respond to the request for his email address by filling his bedroom window with sticky notes that spelled it out.

He then got a response in the more modern way of communicating -- an email from the VP of IT asking Singh to send his resume.

"I was never expecting them to reply," he said.

The company clearly liked his credentials on his resume. Singh landed a summer internship with the company.

Singh is an international student from India. He said his mom heard about this on his Facebook page and, not surprisingly, is very proud of her son.

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