Closed for vacation: Restaurant owner closes shop to take all employees, families to Disney

A group of restaurant employees could be doing the iconic “I’m going to Disney World” commercial and not even win the Super Bowl.

Workers at State Farmers Market Restaurant, in Raleigh, North Carolina, were told a few months ago that they were all going to Orlando, with the entire trip paid for by the business's owner, Gypsy Gilliam, WRAL reported.

But last week, the rumor, or dream trip, came true for the shop’s 20 employees and their families.

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Gilliam locked the doors to the restaurant for a couple of days and they all went to visit Mickey Mouse and the gang.


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"It was so amazing. I cried a couple of times," Jasmine Kamel told WRAL. "I could cry right now. I don't think she'll ever understand how grateful we are for what she did for us."

Gilliam paid for everything: hotel, food, rides, everything. The only rule her guests had to follow was to have fun.

One worker, Jessica Burr, said she would never have been able to take her son on a trip like this.

Gilliam told WRAL she did the trip for one reason: to show appreciation to her employees, saying she was "blessed to be able to give them a little magic in their lives."

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