Cause of death released for Georgia high school football player

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Georgia High School Football Player Dies After Being Injured During Game

Credit: DaytonDailyNews

The official cause of death has been released for Dylan Thomas, who died after he was injured during a football game in September.

The Pike County coroner confirmed that the 16-year-old player suffered cardiac arrest due to a head injury. The coroner officially ruled the death as an accident.

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"Medical staff at Grady described to Dylan's parents the nature of the injury as an anomaly, requiring the perfect amount of pressure on the perfect spot at the perfect angle. It is my opinion no additional preventative measures nor subsequent treatments could have prevented Dylan's death," coroner Terrell Moody said.

Georgia High School Association investigation this month said that Thomas reported an issue with the feeling in his leg when he made a play in the third quarter.

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The GHSA said there was no indication of an injury prior to the third quarter and that Pike County was not negligent in its handling of Thomas' injury.

Thomas died Sept. 30 after he was rushed to Grady Memorial Hospital for emergency surgery.

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