Caught on camera: Woman rescued from alleged kidnappers

Police in Alabama rescued a woman from an alleged kidnapper and the rescue was caught on police body camera.

Brookside Police Department officers had responded to reports of a kidnapping Sunday, reported. Witnesses said a woman was being forced into a white van. When police found a van that matched the vehicle's description, the driver drove away, WVTM reported.

Eventually, they blocked the vehicle after a chase and said they saw a woman being held against her will on the floorboard of the van.

They barricaded the man, who police said demanded they kill him. Police put an end to the standoff and rescued the woman. The man was taken into custody.

The man was identified as Sean Sanders, 51, from Los Angeles, WVTM reported.

Police said the van Sanders was driving had a cage, metal caging was covering the windows and the doors were chained shut from the inside.

Sanders also had his three dogs with him at the time of his arrest. They are in the custody of animal control, reported.

But police told that Sanders had been living in the van and believe he knew the alleged victim, but no motive has been released.

Police said Sanders admitted to kidnapping the woman and assaulting her, reported.

Sanders told police he was in Alabama because his brother lives in the state. Police said he told those who helped him in Alabama that he left the West Coast because of gangs, reported.

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