California police interrupt armored car robbery outside Bank of America branch

California police interrupted an armored car robbery outside of a bank early Sunday, authorities said.

Police arrested two people in connection with the robbery and are seeking a third person, KTLA reported.

According to a news release from the South Gate Police Department, the attempted robbery occurred about 8:20 a.m. outside a Bank of America branch.

The suspected thieves fled when officers arrived, the Long Beach Press-Telegram reported.

"South Gate police officers interrupted a takeover robbery of an armored truck at the location," South Gate police said in its news release. "The armored transport employees were rescued without injury by South Gate police officers."

A witness told KTLA he had left a nearby coffee shop and saw three men get out of a white Nissan. The men approached two armored car employees who appeared to be refilling ATMs with money, the witness told the television station.

The thieves took the guards back to the armored truck, but they fled when they heard police sirens, KTLA reported.

The bank was not open when the incident occurred, South Gate police said in its news release.

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