Buffalo Wild Wings debuts pumpkin BBQ wing sauce

Credit: Buffalo Wild Wings

Credit: Buffalo Wild Wings

Buffalo Wild Wings joined the pumpkin spice craze earlier this month with the introduction of pumpkin-flavored chicken wings.

The sports bar franchise on Oct. 1 debuted its BBQ Pumpkin Ale Sauce.

"It's fall's favorite flavor," according to the chain's website. "Ale mixes with BBQ flavors and pumpkin spice for a taste of the season."

The new sauce had some people raising their eyebrows.

“I am a proponent of pumpkin spiced things,” Twitter user MattHastingsSr wrote on Monday. “I am not a hater. But I have to draw a line somewhere.”

Others embraced the prospect of a new seasonal menu offering.

“It’s time for pumpkin spice everything I’m so ready,” wrote Twitter user LostandSleepy. “There’s a pumpkin ale BBQ sauce at Buffalo wild wings and I’m excited for lunch today.”

The sauce is “surprisingly spicy,” according Twitter user Duke091, and “more hot than sweet,” according to Twitter user URNTRBL.

The BBQ Pumpkin Ale Sauce will be available at Buffalo Wild Wings locations for a limited time, alongside the restaurant chain's new enchilada sauce.

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