Big brother meets little brother at school bus dressed as gorilla, Santa, other costumes daily

Most kids would be embarrassed if they were met every day by a family member dressed in costume.

But not Max Tingle.

Starting this school year, Noah Tingle, a high school senior in Central, Louisiana, has met his little brother dressed in a different costume -- everything from Santa, Chewbacca (wearing a sloth mask) and even a gorilla, as Max got off the bus, WBRZ reported.

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And yes it did start as a way to embarrass Max, but it has evolved into much more.

Now people donate different costumes, so Noah has a different outfit to bring a smile to his little brother's face, WBRZ reported.

Noah also has started a Facebook page to help document what he is wearing.

The brothers are still not sure how long the charade will continue, but until it ends, Noah will continue to help make memories with Max until he goes to college next year, WBRZ reported.

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