Big brother, 10, helps to deliver newborn baby brother at home

File photo
File photo

Credit: Sean Gallup

Credit: Sean Gallup

A 10-year-old boy knew just what to do when his mother went into early labor last week.

Jayden Fontenot helped deliver his baby brother when he and his mother realized that there was no time to waste when it came to his little brother's birth, KPLC reported.

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Ashly Moreau went into labor at 34 weeks and the baby was breech. Jayden tried to get help from his grandmother who lives next door. She was able to call police, but couldn’t assist in the delivery.

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So Jayden did what he needed to, asking his mother what to do. He pulled the baby into the world, but he wasn't breathing. He found a nasal aspirator to clean the baby's nose and he started breathing, KPLC reported.

First responders arrived shortly after and took the new baby and Moreau to the hospital.

Doctors credit Jayden for saving not only his brother's life but also that of his mother. Doctors told KPLC that if Jayden wasn't there, his mother would have died from loss of blood during the delivery.

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