A family in Aspen, Colorado, were surprised to find a bear trapped inside their car and had to call wildlife officials for help.
Photo: Pixabay
Photo: Pixabay

Bear trapped in car shocks family: ‘I thought there might be a couple in there’

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“At first it was extremely shocking,” Shane Materkowski told KCNC-TV. “I thought there might be a couple in there,” he said.

Turns out it was a bear, which was able to easily open the door to the unlocked car but getting out was a different story.

“He didn’t know how to get out, so he started thrashing the inside of the vehicle,” Materkowski said.

The family called wildlife officials and within an hour, they managed to free the animal.

The family wasn’t quite as lucky. While the exterior of the car was fine, the bear tore the inside apart.

Authorities often remind residents in bear country not to leave food items inside vehicles because bears can smell scents as far as five miles away.