Baby squirrels rescued after losing their mother

A lucky group of baby squirrels in Michigan is being cared for, thanks to an animal control worker who rescued them after their mother was injured.

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Katie Halcomb, of Wyandotte, called Downriver Central Animal Control Tuesday and reported that a squirrel she and her family had been caring for wasn't moving its back legs, WXYZ-TV reported.

An animal control officer responded, and said the squirrel appeared to have fallen and suffered a spinal injury, and wouldn’t live.

Halcomb said she believed the squirrel had babies and directed the officer to a tree where a nest may have been. The officer used a ladder to reach a hole in the tree. When she shined a flashlight in, she saw four little sets of eyes looking back, the news station reported.

The officer used grilling tongs to remove the babies from the tree. Animal control took the baby squirrels to a wildlife rehab center, where they will be cared for until they’re old enough to be released back into the wild.

The plan is for the squirrels to be released back to the tree where they were found, Halcomb said.

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