Arizona book retailer returns Mark Hamill’s missing signed record from ‘Star Wars’ composer

Luke Skywalker is happier now that he has been reunited with a precious piece of memorabilia.

Actor Mark Hamill recovered a signed record from "Star Wars" composer John Williams -- lost since the early 1990s -- thanks to employees at a Bookmans outlet in Flagstaff, Arizona, KNXV reported.

The “Star Wars” actor, famous for playing Skywalker, thanked the employees of the book retailer on social media, the television station reported.

"Over the years in life, things go missing," Hamill said in a tweet. "I'm so grateful to them and hope you consider spending lots and lots of money at their store."

Williams had personalized the autograph to Hamill, writing, “May the force always be with us.”

Micheil Salmons, Bookmans general manager, told The Arizona Republic the record was part of a large "Star Wars" memorabilia collection the retailer bought in 2018.

A woman, cleaning out her late father’s storage unit, said she came across a “crazy” amount of “Star Wars” memorabilia, Salmons told the newspaper.

After doing some research, Salmons determined the autograph was authentic.

Recently, an employee found the autographed album and put it in a glass case, listing it for sale at $499, the Republic reported. Salmons, however, removed the item and decided to contact Hamill.

“I didn’t know if it was one of those things he didn’t care about or an auction for charity or if it was something he actually missed,” Salmons told the newspaper.

Salmons created a Reddit post about the record, and Hamill found out about it and contacted the store via Twitter to arrange for its return.

Hamill sent the store an autographed DVD of "Star Wars: A New Hope" as a token of his gratitude, the Republic reported.

“All my best to the Bookmans staff — Forcefully yours, Mark Hamill,” the DVD reads in silver ink, the newspaper reported.

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