Are you ‘Natty qualified?’ Natural Light seeks beer intern

Ever wanted to crack open a cold one … at work? Beer brand Natural Light is looking for a summer intern to do just that.

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Natural Light, also known as “Natty Light,” is currently accepting applications for its summer intern.

The Natty Light intern will be expected to attend sporting events, promote the Natty Light brand and manage Natty Light social media channels -- all while recording a weekly video blog.

Applicants must be 21 (duh), familiar with social media platforms and "just be cool," according to the company's website. But above all else, the company is looking for someone who is "Natty qualified," said Natty Light brand manager Leon Solimani.

"Look, I am sick and tired of high-quality human beings being overlooked because they're not on the (air quotations) 'Dean's list,"' said Solimani. "Do we like awesome grades? Sure. But on top of that, we want an ambitious, scrappy trailblazer. We're running Natty Light, not your uncle's accounting firm."

Complete information on internship rules and requirements can be found here. Applications can be submitted through May 19 on the Natty Light website,

Natty Light isn't the first company to offer a unique internship. Last year, Mattress Firm hired a "snoozetern" to test mattresses and review their experience on social media. Harley Davidson's 2018 #FindYourFreedom internship called for a college student to drive a motorcycle across the United States and serve as a brand ambassador along the way. The company allowed the intern to keep the motorcycle once the gig was over.

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