Aggressive squirrels invade Florida condo, drive residents nuts

A Florida woman said squirrels have invaded her condominium and have been, well, driving her family nuts for nearly a month.

Annie Peavey said the squirrels have destroyed her furniture and are wreaking havoc on her nerves, WFLA reported.

“They like us now and know our habits,” Peavey told the television station. “They don’t want to leave.”

Peavy said the condominium's homeowners association finally set up traps after weeks of complaints. They have not been working, she told WFLA, and that concerns her because she is afraid the squirrels could bite her 9-year-old son.

“Now that they’re being more aggressive, what if they bite him?” Peavey told the television station.

Peavey said she has seen at least two squirrels inside the condo.

"(One) normally likes to stay on the back of my couch, and the other one likes the chair," Peavey told WFLA. You can see what he's done to the bottom of the chair. Down here, you can see the stuffing, the feces."

Meanwhile, the HOA told WFLA it is not responsible for problems inside the condominium, but only for issues in common areas of the complex. The property manager, Leif Olander, did tell the television station that pest control technicians would be called to remove the squirrels.

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