2020 tip challenge: Server working at Michigan restaurant receives $2,020 tip

A server in Michigan will begin 2020 with a smile after a customer left her a tip of $2,020.

Danielle Franzoni, 31, works at Thunder Bay River Restaurant in Alpena, The Associated Press reported. On Sunday, she received a tip of $2,020 for a bill of $23. The credit card receipt said, "Happy New Year. 2020 Tip Challenge."

She checked with her manager, who assured her the tip was real.

Franzoni told The Alpena News that she is a recovering addict and was living in a homeless shelter a year ago. She credits the supportive recovery community for helping her turn her life around.

“Things like this don’t happen to people like me,” Franzoni told The Alpena News.

She plans on using some of the money to get her driver's license back and help with expenses related to a recent move, Franzoni said. The rest she plans on saving, according to the AP.

Intent on paying it forward, when Franzoni went out to eat Sunday night, she left a tip of $20.20, The Alpena News reported.

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