Shutdown averted as Congress passes two-week spending bill

Without extension, thousands of Wright-Patterson civilian workers faced furloughs.

The Senate and House voted Thursday to keep the federal government open until Dec. 21, averting what could have a government shutdown at midnight Saturday and the potential furlough of thousands of civilian workers at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base.

By voice votes, the House and Senate sent a two-week spending bill to President Donald Trump to finance the operations of the government. Trump and Congress are at an impasse because of the president’s demand for billions of dollars to build a wall along the Mexican border.

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Wright-Patterson is the largest single-site employer in Ohio with an estimated 27,000 military and civilian personnel. During the 2013 government shutdown, roughly 8,000 civilian workers at the base were furloughed for 16 days although they later were given back pay.

A shutdown would not impact the military personnel at the base.

Congress normally passes temporary spending bills by voice vote rather than a recorded vote.

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