Chief: Movie inspires 12-year-old Logan County girl to bring suspected fentanyl to school

UPDATE @ 3 p.m. (Feb. 2)

A 12-year-old girl who brought suspected fentanyl to Indian Lake Middle School told police she got the idea from a movie.

The girl is in the Logan County Juvenile Detention Center in Bellefontaine pending the filing of formal felony possession of fentanyl. She is being held on suspicion of inducing panic and disorderly conduct, Washington Twp. Police Chief Rick Core said.



Police seized a gram of the drug, which Core said has a street value of about $500, from the school at 8920 County Road 91 near Lewistown. The samples have since been sent to the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Invesigation, he said.

"We're following up on leads yet today to try to find the source of where the drugs originated from," Core said.

The girl told police she got the idea to bring the drug to school after seeing a similar scenario in the movie "21 Jump Street" about a drug ring inside a high school, but it's still under investigation what she planned to do with the drugs at school.


"I think the interventin took place before she was able to fulfill whatever her goal was," he said.

The chief praised how the school handled the situation.

"They absolutely did everything textbook: They didn't disturb the suspected drugs, they made contact with our office immediately. We had officers on scene very quickly."

Police K-9s did a sweep of the building but no other drugs were found.


A female 12-year-old Indian Lake Middle School student remains in detention pending the filing of a drug charge involving suspected fentanyl, after staff found a suspicious baggie at the school Thursday afternoon, according to a posting to the school district's web page.

Washington Twp. police were called to the campus, 8920 County Road 91, in Lewistown in Logan County, and an initial testing of the substance revealed the substance in the baggie was "likely to be fentanyl."

The contents are being sent to the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation, in London, for further testing, Police Officer Foster Michael Thompson said Thursday night.

Law enforcement followed Thursday's incident with a full search of the middle school facility, using drug-detecting canines.

Thompson said police do not anticipate sending the special dogs to campus Friday because police believe the incident was an isolated case.

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The girl has been booked into the Logan County Juvenile Detention Center on a charge of delinquency by reason of inducing panic, Officer Thompson said. Police likely will present their evidence to the prosecutor's office on the charge of delinquency by reason of drug possession.

It's probable the girl will be court Friday for an initial hearing, the officer said.

According to the school district's online statement, a full investigation is continuing.

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