DP&L: Wind gusts to blame for thousands of outages Monday afternoon


UPDATE @ 3:45 a.m.: A reported 46 people without power, according to DP&L online outage map:

Montgomery 39

Greene 4

Clinton 2

Shelby 1

UPDATE @ 8:08 p.m.: 

The total number of DP&L customers without power is down to 784, according to DPL’s outage map. Here are the counties reporting weather-related outages:

Clinton (4); Fayette (232); Greene (142); Logan (7); Montgomery (82); Preble (147); Shelby (1); and Warren (169).

UPDATE @ 6:45 p.m.:

Thousands of DP&L customers were reportedly without power Monday afternoon because of wind gusts, according to spokeswoman Mary Ann Kabel. Crews were on scene in Miami and Logan counties, and approximately 3,519 customers had their power restored, Kabel said.

According to DP&L’s outage map, there are still 955 customers without power in these counties:

Clinton (3); Fayette (232); Greene (142); Miami (219); Montgomery (43); Preble (146); Shelby (1); and Warren (169).


Approximately 4,467 DP&L customers are without power, and the majority of outages are due to wind gusts, according to DP&L spokeswoman Mary Ann Kabel.

As of 6:30 p.m., Logan and Miami counties have 1,890 and 1,848 reported outages, respectively, according to DP&L’s outage map.

Wind gusts are to blame for the outages in those counties, Kabel said.

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Other counties are also reporting outages due to other inclement weather:

Clinton (3); Fayette (232); Greene (140); Montgomery (38); Preble (146); Shelby (1); and Warren (169).

Kabel said crews are on scene in areas such as Phoneton, Bethel Twp. and East Liberty in Perry Twp. working to restore service by about 7 p.m.

We will update this page as outage reports change.

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