Ohio’s medical marijuana: Sales surpass $300K, 46 pounds

Ohioans spent $333,592 on 46 pounds of medical marijuana during the first dozen days it’s been legally for sale, according to the state’s Medical Marijuana Control Program.

Sales began Jan. 16 at four dispensaries — all hours-long drives from Dayton.

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But nine dispensaries have provisional licenses to open in the Dayton region including those in Butler, Clark, Greene, Montgomery and Warren counties. The nine are in various phases of planning and construction and will require final approval from the state.

Ohio patients are currently paying about $50 for a tenth of an ounce, a price higher than in nearby states with programs but one sure to decrease, said Thomas Rosenberger, executive director of the National Cannabis Industry Association of Ohio

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“Once we have more cultivators, once they are able to use their scale — all those sorts of factors come into play — that number’s going to come down,” he said.

Only plant material for vaping is available because no processors have been approved to begin making products like edibles, oils and tinctures. Smoking medical marijuana is forbidden by the law approved in 2016.

Dispensaries brought in $75,000 on 8.7 pounds on the first day of sales which saw rationing of medical marijuana sales due to limited production and only two approved testing facilities.

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“That was definitely helpful in the beginning to make sure that demand was being met,” Rosenberger said.

Patients can purchase medical marijuana with a physician’s recommendation for one of 21 qualifying medical conditions.

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