Local school group set to visit Notre Dame Cathedral now has to change plans

A group of students and parents from Alter High School are feeling the impact of Monday’s fire at the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris.

The group is set to travel to Paris on Friday for a week-long trip to France and were supposed to attend Easter Mass Sunday at Notre Dame, but now they’re looking to make other arrangements.


“It’s historic. They built it in what 1160? It took a hundred years to build,” she said. “I was really excited.”

Reading the news of the fire made her trip seem more surreal since she can’t visit anymore.

“Just how did this even happen,” Emma said. “I was just shocked.”

Also joining on this week’s trip is Emma’s father, Jeffrey Neace, who says they’ll have to change plans.

“It’s just terrible, I have no words for it,” he said. “We’ll have to substitute.”

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