Graham middle school student brings box cutter to campus, officials say

A sixth grade student is facing disciplinary action after school officials said she brought a box cutter to the middle school Monday.

The student inadvertently brought the box cutter to school and it was stored in the girl’s locker, said Graham Local Schools Superintendent Kirk Koennecke.

“It was a mistake,” Koennecke said.  “Luckily we have kids that are proactive.”

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The district became aware of the box cutter after other students reported the issue to staff at the school.

Koennecke said the child was disciplined and was not at the school on Tuesday. He added that the student had no previous issues with the school.

The superintendent could not say whether any charges were being considered, however the Champaign County Sheriff’s Office was informed of the incident.

The child was released to her parents.

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