UD condemns racial slur left on door of 2 black students

Credit: DaytonDailyNews

The University of Dayton is investigating a racial slur written on a dorm room door.

Credit: DaytonDailyNews

The University of Dayton has launched an investigation after a racial slur was written across the door of two black students this week.

President Eric Spina sent a letter Friday to faculty, staff and students in condemnation.

“This behavior is simply not acceptable and will not be tolerated,” Spina wrote. “It is an offense, not only to the individuals directly affected, but also to the fabric of the university.

“We are all called upon to respect the dignity of every person in thought, word and action and to work together to strengthen our sense of community,” Spina wrote. “This especially includes a commitment to eliminate any discriminatory words or actions.”

The university did not confirm what racial comment was written, but earlier reports indicated the slur was left on the dormitory door of a sophomore.

A UD student from Puerto Rico said he was stunned when he heard about the racial slurs written on a dorm door earlier this week.

“I feel very safe being here, you know. This is where I’ve met most of my friends, being diverse, from other countries. And I know they feel safe because they’ve told me … to find something like that happen is just shocking,” said Ismael Isern, a sophomore studying pre-medicine.

Several students echoed statements made by Spina, that the act is not acceptable and will not be tolerated.

“Yeah, we’re on a college campus and there are probably people who think that’s funny or something, but honestly something like that is never funny,” said Ashton Najarian, also a sophomore.

“I’m a minority and I live with people who are African-American descent as well, but … stuff like that is so childish,” said Kyle Sanchez.

The university is trying to find who is responsible for the racist messages, but so far we have not learned a suspect was identified. Spina’s letter said that UD “will continue to investigate and will hold those responsible accountable for this action.”

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