Cold Cases: Miami Valley murder investigations that remain unsolved in 2018

Several cold cases throughout the Miami Valley remained unsolved in 2018.

WHIO journalists covered all of these unsolved murder investigations when they were first reported, with one case dating back over three decades.

Cold Case: Candance Prunty -She was a 26-year old mother of three young sons. While the boys were at school, somebody walked into her Springfield home and shot her multiple times. News Center 7's James Brown tells us that investigators believe this murder was personal.

Cold Case: Corey Mitchell - A single dad is gunned down in his yard in front of his 11-year-old twins. Just before the murder, Corey Mitchell told his mother that he was having trouble with a woman and called her "a fatal attraction." The woman was arrested and charged with conspiracy to commit murder, but when a prosecutor refused to let the twins testify before a grand jury, there was not enough evidence to indict her. Now, eight years later, News Center 7's Becky Grimes tells us that the case is still unsolved and Corey's mother is refusing to give up the fight for justice.

Cold Case: Lillie Oglesby - She was a 69-year-old mother and grandmother who was brutally murdered in her home. It is one of Dayton's most mysterious cold cases. Becky Grimes tells us that Oglesby was a church going woman who kept her doors locked and why there is now a new set of eyes on this investigation.

Cold Case: The Buckskin Girl - For more than 30 years she was known only as the "Buckskin Girl" because of the coat she was wearing when her body was found in a ditch in a Miami County farmer. In April, new DNA techniques finally identified her as Marcia Soloman King from Arkansas. News Center 7's Cheryl McHenry reports that now detectives need to find out why she was in the Miami Valley and who killed her. This case was aired in our Miami Valley Murder Mysteries show in September 2018.

Cold Case: Kelly Camargo - It was one week before the start of school when 16-year-old Kelly Camargo disappeared after a night out with friends. Her body was found weeks later in a farmer's field in Preble County. Even though her body was badly decomposed, detectives believe that Kelly was lured away from the bar then sexually assaulted and murdered so that she could not tell. This case also was profiled in Miami Valley Murder Mysteries.

Cold Case: The Main Street Murders - Five women are dead and all of their bodies were discovered in the same Dayton neighborhood. The I-Team is investigating the mysterious cases that have detectives still looking for answers. News Center 7's Jim Otte reports that some people wonder if the women were murdered by one killer and whether neighborhood decay is to blame.

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