3 key reasons Speedway’s headquarters are a big deal for Clark County

Earlier this week, Speedway announced the acquisition of almost 80 Express Mart convenience stores in New York.

Speedway is already one of the largest convenience store chains in the U.S., and company officials said the move made financial sense because that region has been identified as a key area of growth for the chain.

Here are a few reasons local officials think Speedway’s local presence plays a critical role for Clark County.

Speedway is a subsidiary of Marathon Petroleum Corp., based in Findlay, Ohio. However, Speedway’s corporate headquarters is located in Enon in Clark County. That’s important for several reasons, according Michael McDorman, president and CEO of the Chamber of Greater Springfield.

McDorman said having a company of Speedway’s size headquartered in Clark County is valuable both from an employment standpoint and for economic development. It’s a signal that the region can provide a skilled workforce and support a company that’s among the largest players in its industry, he said. That can also be helpful when local economic development officials try to encourage other large companies to consider operating in Clark County.

“They’re very important to our economy and as we seek to grow our community again,” McDorman said. “They’re going to play an important role.”

Speedway is one of the region’s largest employers

Speedway is a major employer in the region and operates about 2,740 convenience stores in 21 states. Speedway has about 1,350 employees in Clark County and 33,820 workers nationally.

The company boosted hiring significnatly since 2015, after Speedway acquired the Hess convenience store chain on the East Coast for about $2.8 billion.

Active in the community

The company has also been active in the community and donated to several projects locally, said Mike McDorman, president and CEO of the Chamber of Greater Springfield. Tony Kenney, Speedway’s president, was named 2015 Retail Leader of the Year by a convenience store industry association and McDorman credited Kenney for being active in numerous local initiatives.

“Tony is a great example of what a visionary leader looks like,” McDorman said at that time. “He has not only taken Speedway to new heights while at the helm, but he has continued to be a strong supporter in helping our community to move forward.”

Speedway is also the largest convenience store contributor to the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals, according to the company’s website. Since 1991 Speedway has contributed more than $90 million to support Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals, according to information from the company.

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