Kanye West fails to make Ohio presidential ballot

Music superstar Kanye West will not appear as an independent candidate on Ohio’s presidential ballot, according to a ruling by Secretary of State Frank LaRose on Friday.

West has been a supporter of President Donald Trump, and Democrats have alleged West’s attempts to appear on ballots in swing states are to take votes from former Vice President Joe Biden.

LaRose, a Republican, said West and his running mate, Michelle Tidball, did not meet requirements to appear on the ballot.

“Based on a review of the documents submitted by the West campaign, both the information and a signature on the original nominating petition and statement of candidacy submitted to the secretary’s office do not match that of the nominating petition and statement of candidacy that was used to circulate part-petitions,” LaRose said in a statement.

LaRose announced that Richard Duncan and Rodney E. Garrett Jr. met the requirements necessary to appear together on the presidential ballot in Ohio as independents, but noted Duncan requested that Howie Hawkins and Angela Walker appear in their places. That is allowed under Ohio law, the secretary said.

To appear on the ballot, independent candidates for president and vice president must file a valid and sufficient joint nominating petition and statement of candidacy that complies with the law and at least 5,000 valid signatures from Ohio voters and a slate of 18 presidential electors.

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