AP calls Ohio for Trump and he leads in most Dayton region counties

UPDATED 11/5/20

In Ohio Republican President Donald Trump beat Democrat former Vice President Joe Biden, 53% to 45%, according to unofficial results on the Ohio Secretary of State’s website. Trump also won in all but one of the nine Dayton region counties.

Election results are expected to change as valid provisional and late arriving ballots are counted through Nov. 18. We will continue to update these results as more ballots are counted. Here are the unofficial results in the Dayton region:

Ohio and local county votes for president  
JurisdictionJoe BidenDonald Trump
Butler County37.2%61.4%
Champaign County25.6%72.9%
Clark County37.6%60.8%
Darke County17.5%81.0%
Greene County39.3%58.8%
Miami County27.1%71.3%
Montgomery County50.3%48.2%
Preble County20.7%77.9%
Warren County34.1%64.4%
Note: These reflect 100 percent of precincts reporting all ballots received or cast by the close of polls on Nov. 3. Those tallies are expected to change after provisional and late-arriving valid absentee ballots are counted and certified by Nov. 18.  
Source: Ohio Secretary of State 

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Republican President Donald Trump was declared the winner in Ohio by the Associated Press early Wednesday. He was leading in all but one Dayton region county.

Votes were still being tallied across the state but Trump led former Vice President Joe Biden, a Democrat, 53.48% to 45.09%, according to partial results on the Ohio Secretary of State’s website at 12:30 a.m.

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Dayton Mayor Nan Whaley, a surrogate for Biden, said in an 8:15 p.m. interview that she doesn’t like to make predictions but she is "hopeful that Americans elect Joe Biden.”

“I’m hopeful and nervous like I am every election. I’m happy so many people voted. I always wish it could be more, particularly in Dayton," Whaley said. "This is our crazy representative process at work.”

Dan Lusheck, Ohio press secretary for Trump, could not be reached after the polls closed. But in an email sent earlier in the day, Lusheck said, “It is Election Day and, while Joe Biden’s campaign scrambles and fails to engage with voters, Trump Victory continues to connect with energized supporters and get out the vote.”

These are not final results but here is where the vote was in Dayton region counties late Tuesday.

Darke: Biden 17.51% to Trump 80.92%

Greene: Biden 39.27% to Trump 58.79%

Miami: Biden 27.54% to Trump 70.68%

Montgomery: Biden 50.11% to Trump 48.02%

Preble: Biden 40% to Trump 58%

Warren: Biden 34.02% to Trump 64.26%

As of midnight., Montgomery, Greene, Darke and Warren had counted 100% of precincts but will still need to count valid late-arriving absentee ballots and provisional ballots.

Election results are expected to change as more ballots are counted through Nov. 18. We will continue to update these results as more ballots are counted.

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