Health inspections: What the health department found at Springfield City Schools

The Springfield City Schools had either no or minimal observations at its schools on its latest school inspection reports.


The Clark County Combined Health District inspects schools twice a year and lists issues they see that they would like to see the school fix. The Springfield News-Sun has requested the inspections, and as a service to the community are publishing them so residents know the conditions of their schools.

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An in-depth story will be published in Sunday’s edition of the Springfield News-Sun.

Keifer Academy, Clark Early Learning Center and Schaefer Middle School had no observations listed other than “nice facility” in their reports. The rest of the schools only had minor issues that the inspector asked the school to take a look at like a loose mouthpiece on a water fountain or a science lab table without hot water.

“In the SCSD, we have a team of custodians who take great pride in the cleanliness and safety of our state-of the-art facilities,” the school said in a statement. “This team supports our teachers as it relates to the classroom environment and, over the years, become familiar, friendly faces to our students.”

The report for Horace Mann is left empty, saying the custodian at the school refused an inspection and asked for notice. The school said it has spoken with custodians at the district regarding this issue.

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“Unfortunately, there are incidents of miscommunication and the situation at Horace Mann is an example of such,” the school said in a statement. “It is our understanding that a custodian requested a later date of inspection to ensure the building principal was made aware of the visit. Immediately following, all custodians were provided additional training to ensure they were always ready for inspections and that refusal was not an option.”


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