Greenon High School honors local veterans during annual program

Credit: Bill Lackey

Credit: Bill Lackey

Greenon High School and the Enon community honored local veterans Thursday as part of its annual Veterans Day program.

”Honoring our nation’s veterans is one of our favorite traditions at Greenon Schools, and we look forward to the learning our students will experience during these programs recognizing the sacrifice and service of our nation’s veterans,” said Superintendent Darrin Knapke.

Each year, local military veterans and their families attend the Veterans Day program at Greenon High School.

Andrew Turner, who was in the Air Force for 7.5 years, said it’s a great honor to have students remember Veterans Day.

“It’s a very special event that I try to attend each year. Every time I do attend, at least one point in time, I get chills, a little emotional at times. It’s a very special event,” he said.

Several students, including Brenna Petersen and Will Houghton, spoke during the program about what Veterans Day is and what it means to them.

Veteran Mark Striebich, who was drafted in the Army in 1969 and taught for 46 years, said some of the speakers were in his last public speaking class.

“I’m about as proud as you can be,” he said. “I taught for 46 years and the last 10 at Greenon, so to pass that pride on to kids and to have them remember, who many have military in their family, that’s just great.”

Striebich added that this event has been going on for a long time, including the last 10 years he taught at Greenon, except one year because of COVID-19.

“It’s gone on for many years. It’s a proud community out here with an awful lot of veterans,” he said. “I’m very proud to have served the country.”

One senior at the event said she plans to join the military.

“I’m thinking about going into the Navy, so for me it means it’s an opportunity to talk to a lot of knowledgeable people that know a lot of information and to honor all of the scarifies that they’ve made,” said Mallorie Buckner.

“I definitely was on the fence about joining the Navy, and today pushed me a little further into knowing that’s what I want to do,” she added.

The program featured a welcome speech by principal Josh Newport, a presentation of the flag by the Honor Guard and student emcee Anna Collins, several songs by the Greenon High School symphonic band and Greenon’s Royal Sounds, and a presentation from keynote speaker Michael Ropp.

Students also thanked attending veterans face-to-face with a handshake line.

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